Designer, 2017

A couple friends approached me about an idea they had that answers the question of "Well, my birthday has passed now, what should I do with all these cards? I don't want to throw them out, they're really nice."

Together we thought through in what format we would want to save these cards and memories in. A mobile app felt like the most reasonable and realistic. It was also important for us to realize who our target audience would be and then design an app for them.

Memento is a place to keep all of your birthday cards, holiday cards, kids drawings, and keepsakes from any certain person or moment in your life.

Once we had our core functionality documented, I began sketching wireframes for the different pages and actions inside the app. During this phase we discovered how momentos could be organized, how easy it should be to create a new momento, and how to quickly find the momentos you've already created.

I then designed digital representations of the wireframes and created a user map for how someone would navigate through the app. In considering our audience, it helped us to make design decisions on typography, hierarchy, sizing, color, and layout.

The goal with this project is to see it developed into a fully functioning app and be able to use it instead of feeling guilty for storing or throwing away old cards and momentos.



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