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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, MICA /

2008 — 2011 / Baltimore, MD


Oracle, Senior Product Designer /

2018 — PRESENT / Remote

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Signals Mobile Design System /


SamCart eCommerce Web App, Lead Designer /

2016 — 2017

Halfdollar Budgeting Tools /

2015 — PRESENT

Weiigh /

2017 — PRESENT

FriendsAnonymous /

2017 — PRESENT

Grey Area /

2018 — PRESENT

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Automatic Content Translation / In Progress


100 Days of Animated Design Prompts / Article / Project


Google Design Explorations / Article


Looping Logos / Project


The Show/Hide Eyeball / Article


Sandals Resorts App / Case Study



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Sleeping to 8am is considered sleeping in for me. I like to get an early and productive start to my day. I also enjoy going out at night, either to see a show, go dancing, or to be active outside.

My diet consists of mostly vegetables and legumes. It's just what works best for my body.

I take care of my self; my body, my mind, and my soul.

I'm not big on the gym, but I workout daily, ride my bike, skateboard, and play ice hockey.

I don't spend much time on social media. I don't like seeking attention.

The books I read are usually about the balance between humanity and nature through environmental science, human rights, and personal enlightenment.

I play a variety of instruments including drums, bass, and guitar. I also produce music, and am definitely my toughest critic.

My relationship with God is a personal and ever evolving one.

My M.O. is to love people for who they are, serve others and spread kindness, and always value the education and understanding of people different than myself.

I'm close with my family, but I also thrive off some distance and alone time. I enjoy traveling to new and old places, meeting new people, and having meaningful and sometimes uncomfortable conversations typically following the maieutic approach. It's okay to disagree, but important to accept. That's the beauty in individuality.

I keep my mental and physical spaces tidy and organized. It helps my mind to not be strangled and gives me the ability to think more freely. I don't like having many objects. There are some material things I love to have which feed and spark my creativity, but I don't need much.

I don't feel the world or anyone owes me anything. I also don't like owing anyone anything. If I tell you I'm going to do something, I'm going to do everything I can to do it.

Financial stability is important to me, and I'm a frugal fellow, but I also enjoy splurging on a good experience and donating to anyone doing something impactful and meaningful with their resources.

I collect unique coins and paper currency, but I must either find or be gifted them. I thoroughly enjoy untangling things, such as necklaces and cables. I stared death in the face when I was five months old, but I believe I was kept here for something much larger than myself.

Altruism plays an important role in my career. I've found that I need to spend my day-to-day making positive and meaningful impact with a team of genuine people. Working a flexible schedule remotely has proven to nourish my most productive self. I am most motivated when I can focus in my own space, on my own time, and with the ability to travel and live my personal life to the fullest. In this environment, I am able to be loyal, dedicated, and have the strong work ethic that I have learned from my entrepreneurial family.

Discipline and determination help me accomplish my goals, of which I make a lot. There's too much to gain in this life to pass on opportunity. Sometimes you have to push through the heat to get to the sun. I try not to fret on the things of the past or the things of which I do not have control over, and I always try to learn from my experiences. Onward and upward.

Reading Queue
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Forgotten God by Francis Chan
The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
Sophist by Plato
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
The World Without Us by Alan Weisman
What The Eyes Don't See by Mona Hanna-Attisha
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
The Story of B by Daniel Quinn
Tupac Shakur by Vibe Magazine
Between The World And Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
On The Other Side Of Freedom by DeRay Mckesson
Not In My Neighborhood by Antero Pietila
On Human Nature by Edward O. Wilson
I Have A Dream by James Echols
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
March by John Lewis
On Human Nature by Edward O. Wilson
Carolina Skeletons by David Stout
Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres

📚 Please reach out if you have any book recommendations. :)


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Young white boy dancing to 'I Missed The Bus' by Kris Kross in 1993 dressed in a hand made Maryland Terrapins vest and matching backwards cap.