Derek Torsani

— an Android slinging, bass string strumming, hip hop humming, hobby hoarding designer.

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A filmic, grainy ink-like substance animating on and off the screen. The Android Marshmallow boot animation. A series of colorful shapes forming and morphing into and out of one another.

Design is an opportunity.

An avenue of global change. A form of interlingual communication, similar to the sounds of music. The way we understand one another and open pathways of inclusivity. It brings access of familiarity to individuals unfamiliar with accessibility. Design enables the choice to be heard.

This is why I create in many mediums, as a way to build character through comprehension and consideration.

In the past eight years, I have worked with small agencies animating motion graphics, large brands telling visual stories through film, fast-paced startups intersecting business goals with design, and tech companies conducting user research, drawing wireframes, and prototyping interfaces.

For the past two years, I've been focused on building cohesively elaborate design systems for distributed teams at companies like Oracle and While this may come with great challenges, to me there is no reward greater than enabling people to work together more consistently, efficiently, and in stronger communicative bounds.

When I’m not designing for work, you can find me making side projects. Be it a spreadsheet budgeting system, a way to help make calculated decisions, or an anonymous online community for discussion, I’ve always got my hand in something.

I also develop hypotheses and conduct experiments in design. Here are some of them:

Autra — how can we encourage better communication between diverse parties using technology?

System Fonts — structurally, how dissimilar are the four major operating system native fonts?

Daily UI — can I animate a different interactive design prompt every day for 100 days straight?

Seeing Into the Future — what is the future of the menu icon, or the lack thereof?

I’m a strong believer in staying sharp, self-wellness, and growth. There are a few ways I do this for myself:

Working through my book queue

Learning new languages

Getting in the right headspace through meditation

Finding balance with practicing yoga

Seldom do we judge people based on their character but what we see, hear, and assume. Get to know one another. Spread love and kindness. :)