Derek Torsani

— multidisciplinary designer, multi-instrumentalist, and friend.

Shaping how people use design systems at Gusto.

Gusto is an all-in-one people platform helping small businesses manage their payroll and benefits.

Bringing visual access to music through Sound Color Project.

Sound Color Project is a web experiment exploring the relationships between audible and visual spectrums using light, color, and texture.

Enabling budgeting tools for humans worldwide on Halfdollar.

Halfdollar is a spreadsheet budgeting template built for ease and collaboration.

Building ways for everyone to self-identify on Call Me By My Name.

Call Me By My Name (CMBMN) is profile page for people to proclaim their name pronunciation, preferred pronouns, personal identities, topic interests, and cause support.

Telling stories, expressing feeling, and protesting in Sequoia.

Sequoia is an American hybrid jazz band and cross-genre co-op founded in 2018.

Helping folx obtain essential life documents with Imago Dei.

Imago Dei, or the ID Ministry at Foundry UMC, works with people in Washington, DC to get their social security card, birth certificate, identification, and more.

Bridging the gap between nonprofits and givers by volunteering with is a donation platform enabling givers to easily discover nonprofits and manage their one-time or recurring donations.

Conducting mentorships with new designers on Out of Office Hours.

Out of Office Hours creates dialog between newcomers and people working in the tech industry.

Principles —

Some principles I hold close are honest and attentive communication, tangibility of interaction with others, altruistic giving of myself, recognition and respect of differing perspectives, studiousness in practicing to progress, and always genuine kindness.

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