Derek Torsani

dad, partner, musician, designer, artist, friend

Cultivating a world of kindness, consideration, and inclusion.


Imago Dei - helping folx obtain essential life documents. - bridging the gap between nonprofits and givers.

ADP List - design mentoring.


Twitter / Medium / LinkedIn / / Dribbble / Instagram / Unsplash's you I like.

Every part of you.

Your skin, your eyes, your feelings,

whether old or new.

I hope that you'll remember

every time you're feeling blue.

That it's you I like

it's you yourself, it's you...

— Fred Rogers, 1970

Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live, and let's change the way we treat each other.

— Tupac Shakur, 1992


Design Systems Operations at Plaid, 2022

The Psychological Component of Design Systems, 2021

Designing Systems at Gusto, 2021

So you want to build a design system?, 2021

How we name typography tokens at Gusto, 2021

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Vapor/Redwood (Design System for Oracle), 2020

Autra - Automatic Content Translation, 2018

Being a Color Blind Designer, 2018

My 4.5 Month Journey With Daily UI, 2016


Speaker, Murray Hill Middle School Career Day, 2023

Speaker, Experience Design Summit, 2022

Host, Plaid Accessibility Panel, 2022

Speaker, ADPList x DUXA Group Session, 2022

Speaker, Design Systems Community Chapter Toronto, 2021

Feature, Figma Schema, 2021

Speaker, Friends of Figma Lviv, 2021

Speaker, NOVA UX, 2019

Workshop, Hackital DC, 2017



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