Sound Color Project

Founder, Designer

Technology for translating between the audible and visual spectrums using sound, color, and light.

Accessible Data Visualization


Library of patterns and logic for creating visually accessible data visualization.


A circular button with an airplane symbol inside. Once the button is activated, the airplane flies away and returns as if loading. Three dimensional shapes floating and shifting on a mobile device. A timeline animating from steps 1 to 2. Three building shapes which appear from the ground and portray signs. Colorful animated shapes on a dark background, the Android Marshmallow Booting screen. A notification bell ringing and display one new notification. An animation scrolling down a marketing website including photographs, graphics, and icons. A search field expanding and showing text being typed in. A line drawing of an eye being animated from opened to closed.

Collection of Animations

Designer, Animator


Daily UI

Expandable Search

Eyeball Menu Concept


Composer, Musician, Producer

Ambient jazz.

Highland (Live)

Composer, Performer

Live musical performance.

Say Their Names

Composer, Musician, Producer

Protest jazz.


Composer, Musician, Producer


Last Month

Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer

Documentary film.

Below The Line

Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer

Title sequence.

A painting of a portrait of a dog sitting in a regal manner.



Acrylic on canvas.

A photograph of three separate black and white abstract line drawings.

Study of Jantar Mantar


Wax pencil on paper.

A series of white index cards, each with black yard letters threaded to spell out an abbreviation for 'dance with me'.



Yarn on paper.